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Hand Sawing

For limited access areas, we have the ability to cut with hand saw, ring saw, and chain saw up to 16" deep.

Concrete Cutting

The fastest and most efficient way to cut through floors, walls, etc. We cut anywhere from 2 to 30 inches thick and 2 to 30 inches deep. 

Concrete Coring

Core drilling offers a clean, accurate and fast way to drill holes. This technique is used for a number of different applications including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, phone line, HVAC and fire prevention equipment. Available sizes from 1/2" to 24" diameter.

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Concrete Breaking & Removal 

Our trained and experienced work force takes their quality cutting workmanship one step further, to offer our clients breaking and removal accommodations.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing employs a diamond blade on a track-mounted system that can be used for vertical and horizontal cuts.

Concrete Scanning

Concrete Sawing & Coring specializes in safely scanning concrete by detecting and locating conduits, rebars, post-tension cables, and many other hidden structures within the concrete that needs to be located. We use ground penetration radar up to 12" deep.

We will take on any job from small to big.
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